Copy editor Tracy Abeln joined National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company in March 2012.

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An update from Dominican sisters in Iraq

GSR Today - "We hear a lot about world governments and organizations sending financial aid to Iraq, but the refugee gets the least – we do not know or understand why. People lost almost everything; they cannot even afford to buy milk or formula for their children."

‘How can I help the children coming across the border?’

GSR Today - Global Sisters Report has posted numerous stories about the realities of migration, and we know that your feelings for the thousands of unaccompanied minors and others coming from Central America into the U.S. are ones of compassion, not revulsion: Catholic social justice wanting to be put into action. Here are some ways you can help.

Hear two Global Sisters Report voices

GSR Today - Back on May 7, Sr. Jan Cebula and Tracy Abeln, who are based at the Kansas City office of National Catholic Reporter, were guests on A Nun's Life Ministry's "In Good Faith" podcast. Take a listen as we describe GSR when it was only two weeks old.

Tips and tricks for getting around GSR's website

GSR Today - Take a look at some of the features we've built into our site to give you the best experience reading Global Sisters Report. Learn how the maps work, how to navigate to content you want, and more.