To foster inclusiveness, Nigerian nuns mainstream pupils with disabilities

On a sunny afternoon, the Rev. Gideon Oyabugbe, a minister at a local Baptist church, walked into St. Vincent's Centre for Inclusive Education to pick up James, his 8-year-old son, who is autistic.

In Nigeria, nun cares for abandoned children labeled as witches

Since opening the home in 2007, Sr. Matylda Iyang has cared for dozens of malnourished and homeless children from the streets of Uyo; many of them had family who believed they were witches.

In southern Nigeria, nuns put TB, leprosy patients on road to recovery

After three years of visiting clinics and traditional healers across Nonwa Tai, in the southern corner of Nigeria, 55-year-old Benedict Ngbaji was shocked to discover the sores and lesions under his foot and ankle were symptoms of Hansen's disease, or leprosy.

Nuns try to fight lure of Europe by offering programs for young Nigerians

Up to 80% of Nigerians who leave for Europe end up trafficked and in prostitution. In Edo, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are working to fight the problem.