Valentine Iwenwanne is a Nigeria-based freelance journalist who writes about global health, development and the environment for various publications, including The National and Vice World News.

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Entrevista con la Hna. Dorothy Okoli, que transforma la vida de las mujeres atrapadas en la prostitución

La Hna. Dorothy Okoli, de las Hermanas Misioneras de San Juan Pablo II de María, un nuevo instituto religioso para mujeres que ella estableció en Nigeria, visita hoteles para rehabilitar y asesorar a mujeres jóvenes atrapadas en la prostitución.

Q & A with Sr. Dorothy Okoli, transforming lives of women trapped in prostitution

Sr. Dorothy Okoli of the Missionary Sisters of St. John Paul II of Mary — a new women religious institute she established in Nigeria — visits hotels to rehabilitate and counsel young women trapped in prostitution.

Nigerian nuns whittle away at country's 10.5 million kids out of school

Nigeria has 10.5 million children who are out of school. The Missionary Sisters of St. John Paul II of Mary are working to whittle away at that statistic.

Q & A with Sr. Matilda Inyang, supporting children whose families think they're witches

For more than a decade, Sr. Matilda Inyang has cared for dozens of malnourished and homeless children from the streets of Uyo, Akwa Ibom, in Nigeria — many of whom had family who believed they were witches.