NCR Podcast: Canonizing Óscar Romero, Pope Paul VI and Catherine Kasper

Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Romero will be made a saint on Sunday, along with Pope Paul VI, Mother Catherine Kasper, Fr. Francesco Spinelli, Fr. Vincenzo Romano, Nunzio Sulprizio and Nazaria Ignacia March Mesa. 

On the show today:

Background reading:

  • In a recent editorial, we say that Archbishop Óscar Romero and Pope Paul VI are dangerous saints for desperate times.
  • Conventional wisdom has it that Romero was dramatically transformed into a defender of the oppressed when his friend Jesuit Fr. Rutilio Grande was killed. Conventional wisdom is gravely mistaken, writes Gene Palumbo
  • Visit NCR's Memories of Romero series to follow the canonization this weekend.
  • For Global Sisters Report, Dan Stockman spoke with the leaders of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ about Blessed Catherine Kasper's life, legacy and upcoming sainthood.
  • It is fitting that Pope Francis will canonize Nunzio Sulprizio during the Synod on Youth, writes Mark Piper. Even in his brief life, Sulprizio was a credible witness to suffering, accompaniment and the joy of the Gospel.

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