NCR Podcast: Canonizing Óscar Romero, Pope Paul VI and Catherine Kasper


• Canonization gives Blessed Catherine Kasper 'much different impact' on church

• Blessed Catherine Kasper's legacy: 'No gift is too small'

Human rights activist Guadalupe Mejia poses for a picture with a stamp showing Blessed Óscar Romero Oct. 12 at her home in San Salvador, El Salvador. Romero will be one of seven new saints Pope Francis will canonize Oct. 14 at the Vatican. (CNS / Reuters / Jose Cabezas)

Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Romero will be made a saint on Sunday, along with Pope Paul VI, Mother Catherine Kasper, Fr. Francesco Spinelli, Fr. Vincenzo Romano, Nunzio Sulprizio and Nazaria Ignacia March Mesa. 

On the show today:

Background reading:

  • In a recent editorial, we say that Archbishop Óscar Romero and Pope Paul VI are dangerous saints for desperate times.
  • Conventional wisdom has it that Romero was dramatically transformed into a defender of the oppressed when his friend Jesuit Fr. Rutilio Grande was killed. Conventional wisdom is gravely mistaken, writes Gene Palumbo
  • Visit NCR's Memories of Romero series to follow the canonization this weekend.
  • For Global Sisters Report, Dan Stockman spoke with the leaders of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ about Blessed Catherine Kasper's life, legacy and upcoming sainthood.
  • It is fitting that Pope Francis will canonize Nunzio Sulprizio during the Synod on Youth, writes Mark Piper. Even in his brief life, Sulprizio was a credible witness to suffering, accompaniment and the joy of the Gospel.

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