Visual view: How 7 billion people share the world's resources

World map adjusted to show relative population of continents and countries. (Screenshot from, "How We Share the World")

One of the coolest interactive maps created so far this year can be found over at Metrocosm. Using data from a few different sources, it explores different socioeconomic factors on a country-by-country basis, using size to grow or shrink a country based on factors such as population, amount of debt, and number of billionaires. It’s a fascinating way to get a picture for which countries are the "biggest," when it comes to factors other than the geographic space they take up.

This week’s 3 Stats are taken from the same research.

Infographic created by Georgia Perry using Canva with data from "How We Share the World."

[Georgia Perry is a freelance writer based in Oakland, California. She's contributed to several print and online magazines including, The Atlantic, CityLab, Portland Monthly Magazine and the Portland Mercury. She was formerly a staff writer at the Santa Cruz Weekly in California. Follow her on Twitter @georguhperry.]