Georgia Perry is a journalist originally from Indianapolis. She has written for regional papers throughout the western United States as well as national magazines including The Atlantic, CityLab, and Narratively. She loves writing stories about people living life on their own terms. 

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Q & A with Sr. Marva Hoeckelman, observer for the National Weather Service

As a volunteer observer for the U.S. National Weather Service, Benedictine Sr. Marva Hoeckelman records temperatures each day at South Dakota's Mother of God Monastery. The work is simple but profound for Hoeckelman, who also writes nature poetry.

Q & A with artist Lexa Walsh, who sculpted sisters from her past

For many who grew up Catholic and left the church, the influence of the education they received in Catholic school stays with them for their entire lives — for better or worse. Lexa Walsh's show, "Oh, Sister!", is a collection of sculptural vessel-portraits (statues that are also functional jars) of the sisters she remembers, who she says both "taught and tormented" her.

Kloster Arenberg offers holistic recreation, nurturing body and soul

The monastery of the Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena in Koblenz, Germany, Kloster Arenberg, is home to 50 Dominican sisters and welcomes seekers of all stripes to their property for various forms of holistic recreation. Sr. Ursula Hertewich, who works there as a spiritual guide for guests, offering one-on-one spiritual counseling appointments, said "wellness," a term that brings to mind concerns about access and privilege, is a word the press has attached to what they're doing in Koblenz, not one they chose for themselves.

Q & A with Sr. Mary Montgomery, leading retreats for busy Catholic moms

The sister from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods in Indiana explains how the idea to offer a retreat for mothers originated at a family Thanksgiving — and why we should all act more like the alpacas at the sisters' eco center.