Georgia Perry is a journalist originally from Indianapolis. She has written for regional papers throughout the western United States as well as national magazines including The Atlantic, CityLab, and Narratively. She loves writing stories about people living life on their own terms. 

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Sisters remain involved in drug harm-reduction efforts, despite moral concerns

To help stop overdoses in the late '90s, Sisters of Charity planned a medically supervised injecting site for intravenous drug users. Today, their efforts have yielded about 100 sites worldwide.

Q & A with Sr. Anna Koop, a Catholic Worker ministering to Denver's homeless

Loretto Sr. Anna Koop sat down to talk with GSR about the Denver Catholic Worker house; growth, gentrification and homelessness; and how the COVID-19 pandemic affects her ministry.

Q & A with artist Anne Goetze, documenting Visitation monasteries in the US

Anne Goetze spent 20 years documenting her American-born aunt Helen at the cloistered monastery in Annecy, France, where the Visitation Order was founded 400 years ago. Over the last few years, Goetze has taken her photographs/paintings of the Visitation sisters on the road, visiting the 11 Visitation monasteries in the U.S. and holding exhibitions of her work so the sisters can see it. 

Q & A with Sr. Lucianne Siers, training religious in formation and interculturality

Dominican Sr. Lucianne Siers is director of the Institute of Religious Formation at the Catholic Theological Union, based in Chicago, leading what many consider to be a radical shift in religious life: Her work with formating sisters emphasizes developing one's individual personality alongside the self-surrender that comes with the choice to enter religious community life.