How world's five major religions determine women's roles

Clip from map created by Raziye Akkoc showing percentation of population considering itself religious.

This week we got an email from a contact at Christian Universities Online who shared a stunning and very interesting graphic they made, which highlights the roles of women in the world's five major religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism).

In light of the ongoing resistance in the Catholic Church to allow women priests — Pope Francis has said simply "that cannot be done" — we thought it apt to share as part of this week's 3 Stats and a Map. Be prepared: This graphic actually has 15 stats (three for each of the five religions), so consider it a bonus 3 stats!

The map above, created by Raziye Akkoc at The Telegraph, points out the percentage of the population in many of the world's countries who consider themselves to be religious. Click on individual countries for more in-depth information. (Use the link; the map image on GSR is just a clip.)

Women in Religion

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