Mercy sister: We can make things better with the spirit of Catholic social teaching

Mercy Sr. Mary Schmuck

Mercy Sr. Mary Schmuck works in parish social ministry, which focuses on her archdiocese's charitable outreach, faithful citizenship, and global solidarity.

"So many people do not seem to know our precious treasure of Catholic social teaching, and some disagree with parts when they learn of it. We seem to have bought into a thesis that morality is only a personal or interpersonal matter; business knows best for all the rest."

Sr. Camille: You have long applied your many gifts to programs sponsored by Catholic Charities. How would you describe your ministry with that agency?

I collaborate with our Catholic Charities of Louisville staff based in Louisville, Ky.

This office promotes parish social ministry, especially among 47 Catholic parishes in 19 Kentucky counties organized into four archdiocesan regions. Such ministry can be considered a three-leaf clover: charitable outreach, faithful citizenship, and global solidarity.

What do you think enables you to do this work well?

I have the ability to "herd kittens, track goldfish, and be like that smiling Energizer bunny."

What drew you to this work?

After I'd completed my time on our Sisters of Mercy Institute Justice Team, I sought a new ministry setting.

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