Sr. Mary Mundy is a fourth-generation Sister of Providence

Sr. Mary Mundy. (Courtesy of the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods Indiana)

Sr. Mary Mundy, Sister of Providence
Age: 69
Lives in Evansville, Indiana

Sr. Camille: What attracted you to your religious community?

Sr. Mary Mundy: My mother loved the Sisters of Providence and St. Mary of the Woods; my dad had all these relatives who were in the community. Actually, I'm the fourth generation in the Mundy family who is a Sister of Providence! My great aunt, also named Mary Mundy, was in the second generation. Though she died when I was a toddler, it was the stories about how much fun she was and what a great sense of humor she had that made me think I could possibly be one of them!

What ministries have you had?

My ministries have varied over the years, and I've really been blessed to enjoy each of them. I spent a number of years teaching elementary school, with inner-city Indianapolis eighth grade being a favorite time. From that I stepped into youth and parish ministry, now wrapping up my 23rd year as a pastoral associate. For a short time I was in elected leadership within the congregation and also served seven years as director of novices. I was in this formation ministry when we met, Camille, and I remember well your support and encouragement.

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