Will we build the common good or destroy the bonds that unite us?

One of the estimated 3,000 participants in the Circle the City with Love demonstration in Cleveland, Ohio, July 17, 2016. (Courtesy of Circle the City with Love organizers)

"Interpret everything in its most favorable light." My adherence to this centuries-old maxim of the Sisters of St. Joseph is being severely tested right now.

Well, Donald Trump's family does seem to like him quite a bit.

I'm sorry, but that's about as positive as I can be about the circus of negative energy that engulfed Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena during last week's Republican National Convention (RNC).

Chris Christie stoked hatred for Hillary Clinton with his call-and-response "lock her up" chant echoed by an arena filled with delegates who apparently checked their brains at the door. Trump advisor Al Baldasaro is now the subject of a Secret Service investigation after twice saying Secretary Clinton should be put "put in front of a firing line and shot for treason." And then there's Dr. Ben Carson's strange speech linking Clinton to Lucifer. Excuse me?

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