The wind is the Spirit of this moment

An image from Portocolom in Mallorca, Spain (Courtesy of Carmen Notario)

An image from Portocolom in Mallorca, Spain (Courtesy of Carmen Notario)


The day began with a strong wind. I could already hear it the previous evening, making its presence felt amid a deep silence that seemed to want to announce, "Here I am." I feel its presence through the sounds of the leaves of the bushes and the branches of the palm trees moving around me. I hear a peculiar whistling sound that reminds me that the wind moves life, carries pollen and seeds and fertilizes the earth. To us, that wind does not leave us indifferent; it moves our distracted and sleepy consciences.

That wind that allows us to breathe and feel alive is always there, but we suddenly recognize it when it rages and strikes us in the face. In a word, it wakes us up. It is out there because that is how we have perceived it until now. We have known for some time that we humans are not located outside but inside of evolution of which we are aware. 

The best thing we can do in the face of a strong wind is to allow its force to carry us in the direction it wants to take us. This is the spirit of this moment. We must allow the strength of the evidence to move us and not resist, out of fear, the winds that tell us of the need for a change of lifestyle.

This is the spirit of the moment. The spirit is not in the beyond, but here; it does not surround us, but creates us and is not the patrimony of any religion. This is the basis of all spirituality, which responds to our thirst for transcendence, so life is more than just letting time, events, stages, projects, achievements, successes and failures pass by. The spirit carries us beyond our absurd individualism and helps us realize we cannot seek only our well-being.

This change is urgent at this moment, essential. We are very concerned in the northern hemisphere, where theoretically we are in winter; however, many countries are experiencing temperatures too high for this season. We also are experiencing the south wind, which theoretically should be pleasant, but it causes headaches and changes in our blood pressure because the south wind is not typical of winter, and our body detects it.

The wind makes the cold feel worse in places where the temperature is many degrees below zero, and the population may even be asked not to leave their homes unless it is essential. The wind makes fires more and more complicated to put out. Some people say that nature is "angry" with us for what we are doing to it. Another way of looking at it would be to understand that nature is warning us we can no longer use resources for temporary self-benefit, which in the long run, hurts us all.

We do not love our planet in a practical way. I am part of the planet.  All my decisions have an impact, an ecological footprint.

The spirit of this pivotal moment in history arouses our consciences. Some completely change their lifestyles to a more eco-friendly, minimalist way of life. Others save the lives of people trapped in the gale-force winds of the sea or the deserts that separate countries and borders. Some people even dare to confront human trafficking mafias. Some believe that people are "redeemable" and can transform into new beings with the proper accompaniment. Others echo the spirit of awakening consciences.

This is the spirit of the moment: a strong spirit, a wind, and a force that transforms the cowardly into courageous, the mute into preachers, and the discouraged into faithful followers committed to the cause of Jesus.

We should not allow headwinds, persecution and our insignificant role in society to intimidate us as we make this change of life, because it is not about seeking power. Inner authority does not come from our knowledge but from the deepest part of our being, from the spirit.

Long ago that spirit moved away from many institutions we created to give form and structure to something we cannot grasp. The institutions thought they could grasp it, but just as the wind comes and goes as it pleases, the spirit can enter the most unlikely situations without explanations.   

We call the wind by different names according to the various forms it takes, bringing us warmth, cold, dryness or relief: gentle breeze, gale, draft, breath. 

Spirit of life, arouse our consciences and do not leave us alone. May your strength lead us where we are needed. Thank you for always being with us. May we know how to recognize you amid the noise and in silence. Bring us out of immobility, out of mediocrity and move us to give the best of ourselves in order to create a more just world for all.

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