The Gospels of Lent guide us on a path of prayer, sacrifice and action as we journey together with Jesus toward his passion and glory.

Lessons in Lent

Week 6: The journey of an immigrant inspires us to reflect on the ways people walk today with Jesus on the Way of the Cross.


Week 5: The raising of Lazarus shines light on the people, things and practices that connect us more deeply to God.


Week 4: Jesus cures a man born blind as we explore the beauty to be found even in the messiness of life.


Week 3: Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well invites us to explore new ways of listening.


Week 2: The Transfiguration of Jesus reminds us of the important work of spiritual renewal we take on during Lent.


Week 1: As Jesus heads to the desert to be tempted, we wander outside our comfort zone and find paths to growth.