Angela Mahoney is a VIDES volunteer in Ethiopia. She is there teaching Communications and English, and on Sundays she helps the Salesian sisters with the Oratory for children.

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It doesn’t take an army, just a few sisters

Notes from the Field - This is my first experience of the registration process for the sister’s kindergarten. In a bucket there are 40 pieces of paper with a stamp on it, and the rest are blank. In the sister’s compound children are crowding in to draw to see if they can attend the sister’s kindergarten.

An inside-outsider: Life as a volunteer in Ethiopia

Notes from the Field - Sitting in the shade of a mango tree, I see people go by, busy with their work and tasks. As I sit, people stare at me while they walk, some even stopping before continuing on their way. When I am outside of the sisters’ compound I get a lot of attention.

Living in a developing country: Five lessons learned

Notes from the Field - “Live and Learn,” the saying goes, so I try to learn from where I live and observe my surroundings to gain knowledge from them. That said, there are a few things I have learned from living in a developing country that I didn’t know before I came to Ethiopia. For one, it's not easy to run a mission.

Salesian college in Dilla, Ethiopia . . . and false assumptions

Notes from the Field - Sr. Netsanet Asfaw is dean of the Mary Help College. One of the most rewarding things for her, she says, is to see students pass the Certificate of Competency exams. She knows that, if they pass them, they will be able to get jobs, because most of the students have been able to get jobs after graduating from Mary Help College.