Beverly Anne LoGrasso, a member of the Cleveland Ursuline Sisters since 1965, has served in education, administration and prison ministry to women. An article on her experience in prison ministry was published in the National Catholic Reporter.

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Seeing rightly: my moral education on racism

As a graduate of 16 years of Catholic education, I was very clearly schooled in the Catholic moral code of right and wrong. But I keep finding that I still have a lot to learn.

Seeds of hope in unexpected places

At a recent visit to a botanical garden I saw two trees that are a living witness to me of my need for a deeper awakening to the cycles of life and my awe at a very inscrutable process: the co-dependent evolution of life and death which is in me, my church, my country and my world.

Healing through demolition, puzzles

Congregational meetings about aging. Loss of loved ones. My 70th birthday. The U.S. political climate. All of these have focused me on the spirituality of loss. "Who am I now? Who are we now?" I ask. While I search for meaning as American women religious close ministerial institutions and motherhouses, everyday images unexpectedly grab me.

A response from a Vatican II generation sister

“An Open Letter to the Great Generation” in Global Sisters Report, struck many chords in me as a woman religious, who, along with many others, caught the “contagion” of Vatican II. The author, Sr. Teresa Maya, helped me to realize that what I considered a “normal” response in reinterpreting the Gospel for the modern world and the events of the day was really an extraordinary, miraculous, prophetic response.