A Sister of St. Joseph of Philadelphia, Colleen Gibson is the author of the blog Wandering in Wonder and has been published in various periodicals, including America, Commonweal and Give Us This Day. She currently serves as coordinator of services at the Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Center in Camden, New Jersey.

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What are we ready for?

Horizons - What we once thought would be a momentary interruption to everyday life is in fact a cataclysmic shift. Our work now is to discern — as our first sisters once did — where God is calling us.

Befriending Phoebe, a co-worker in the kingdom

Horizons - The apostle Paul told the Romans to graciously receive the deacon Phoebe and give her any help she needed. Can't we ask the same, for women to truly share their gifts in ministry in the church?

Admitting blindness: seeing my blind spots and trying to do better

Horizons – If we remain blind to our actions and intentions, carrying on what is "normal" and thus perpetuating the racism ingrained in our society, we serve only ourselves and impede the work of movements to create change.

Pandemic provisions: Learning to believe God will provide

Horizons - God provides not because we will it or because we see the world through rose-colored glasses, but because faith allows us to be free, to trust that all will be well and also to know our part in the work of God.