A Sister of St. Joseph of Philadelphia, Colleen Gibson is the author of the blog Wandering in Wonder and has been published in various periodicals, including America, Commonweal and Give Us This Day. She currently serves as coordinator of services at the Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Center in Camden, New Jersey.

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Lent 2021: What to give up, when you feel like giving up

Horizons - When we feel like giving up, perhaps one of the best things we can give up is the need to control every facet of our lives. Another thing to give up: negative judgment.

Three kings and a tyrant

Horizons - A tyrant saw a threat to his power. Filled with fear, he brought fright to the whole country. He stoked fear and incited violence. The king could not stand the truth and so he sought to rout it out.

What are we ready for?

Horizons - What we once thought would be a momentary interruption to everyday life is in fact a cataclysmic shift. Our work now is to discern — as our first sisters once did — where God is calling us.

Befriending Phoebe, a co-worker in the kingdom

Horizons - The apostle Paul told the Romans to graciously receive the deacon Phoebe and give her any help she needed. Can't we ask the same, for women to truly share their gifts in ministry in the church?