A Sister of St. Joseph of Philadelphia, Colleen Gibson is a writer whose work has been published in various periodicals, including America, Commonweal, and Give Us This Day. She is currently pursuing graduate studies at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry and was a member of the founding ministry team of the Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Center in Camden, New Jersey.

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More than hope: Spiritual gifts for troubling times

It is our embrace of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that cultivates a hunger for justice and love of God. These gifts are meant to be put into action, used in union, and refined and reimagined each new day.

Everyday annunciations: The art of listening to a God who never shuts up

Amidst the pressing demands of work and the noise of every conceivable need in the world, God was speaking to my heart. I just needed to stop long enough to let myself listen.

Remembering Dr. King requires us to remember we're called

Horizons - Martin Luther King Jr. followed the urging of the Spirit into ministry and the pages of history. His clarion call for justice and equity is still ringing out if we unclog the ears of our hearts to hear it.

Becoming a supporting character this Christmas

Horizons - As we reflect on the story of Christmas and prepare ourselves for Christ's coming in that moment, it's a good reminder that, like the shepherds, we are not the main character. We are not the Light. Jesus is.