A Sister of St. Joseph of Philadelphia, Colleen Gibson is a writer whose work has been published in various periodicals, including America, Commonweal, and Give Us This Day. She is currently pursuing graduate studies at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry and was a member of the founding ministry team of the Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Center in Camden, New Jersey.

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To see and be seen: Embracing presence as a ministry of learning

Horizons - When we probe more deeply into the practice of ministry of presence — being actively present to the people in front of us — we discover that what seems to be simple is, in reality, rather complex.

The way forward involves fruit salad and connections

Horizons - Multilevel conversations about the future of religious life will inevitably bear many fruits. Our challenge will be recognizing, balancing and reconciling these fruits of the Spirit: We're making fruit salad.

'Go to Joseph': A father for us all

Horizons - As we celebrate Father's Day in the United States and in places around the world this weekend, I believe St. Joseph offers us an example of a father whose faithfulness is ingrained in each of us.

An uneasy Alleluia

Horizons - Reading the stories of the Resurrection this Easter, I have been struck by the emotions of the disciples. What is so often portrayed as a crystal-clear experience of joy, of pure and precise revelation, is, upon further examination, not nearly as clear as one might hope.