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Associates to host LCWR president Sr. Jayne Helmlinger at regional meeting

Helmlinger, a Sister of St. Joseph of Orange, California, "sees the collaborative nature and the role of the laity," says Dominican Sisters of Peace associate Conni Dubick, who extended the invitation for the Ohio Pennsylvania Associate Leadership group, or OPAL.

Q & A with Sr. Elise García, new president-elect of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious

Adrian Dominican Sr. Elise García tells GSR that she is used to finding herself between two worlds. At 69, she has only been in religious life for 14 years, so she identifies with both sisters her own age, and millennial sisters still relatively new to religious life. "I'm very much a bridge," the LCWR president-elect says.

LCWR commits to combat racism, serve immigrants and address climate change

The vote was the culmination of nearly a year of work drafting and shaping the statement and came at the end of a session during the group's annual assembly exploring the ways racism, migration and climate change are interconnected. 

Sr. Norma Pimentel, LCWR award recipient, embraces 'holy chaos' of her ministry to migrants

Sr. Norma Pimentel, executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, sees hundreds of migrants daily at her center, often their first stop after being released from border authorities. Pimentel and her staff welcome them and help prepare them for their rest of their journey. For her work, she received LCWR's Outstanding Leadership Award on Aug. 16.