US nun at Lebanese hospital recalls 'mass of people ... on stretchers'

U.S. Daughter of Charity Sr. Ann Sauvé, a member of the administrative staff at the order's Sacred Heart Hospital in this Beirut suburb, will not easily forget Aug. 4 and the massive explosion in the port of Beirut.

In Lebanon, Carmelite nun organizes Christians, Muslims to feed soldiers

As the Lebanese army wages an offensive against an Islamic State enclave near the border of Syria, Lebanese civilians — Christian and Muslim — are working side by side, not far from the frontlines, to feed some 5,000 soldiers.

'It pierced my heart like a knife,' nun says after visit to Iraqis

Sr. Marie Claude Naddaf, provincial leader of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd for Lebanon and Syria, is still shaken by what she witnessed visiting Irbil, Iraq. Representing the Union of the Superior Generals of women religious in Lebanon, Naddaf accompanied Catholic Near East Welfare Association on its Sept. 2-5 mission.
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Lebanese students discover a smile is a two-way street

Bringing the face of Jesus to the poor is an experience a group of Lebanese 10th graders will long remember about this Lent.

As Mission of Life Sr. Lina Maria Dib prepared the students for their first outreach, she led them in prayer and told them: "A lot of the situations you see will be unusual for you. But we are going to share our smile. And when you come back you are going to feel happy inside."