Dorothy Fernandes is a Sister of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a social activist who has been working in Patna since 1997 with communities on the periphery, with the goal of making their cities inclusive, so that no one is left behind. She also serves as the chairperson of the Women's Commission for the Archdiocese of Patna and is the advisory member of the social wing of the archdiocese – Forum for Social Initiatives.

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Adieu my friends, until we meet again

The joy in the air from celebrating the Resurrection was not long-lasting: We began to get news of many religious testing positive for COVID-19. When you lose cherished people, what hurts most is knowing that you'll never hear those voices again.

Historic rally to support farmers unites all of India

About six of us from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand states travelled some 1,000 kilometers to sit with the farmers as a mark of solidarity. It was for me a truly spiritual experience.

At the movement: Women send ripples across India

Women in India are saying, "There is a new awakening; we want our children to live in peace, harmony and brotherhood as we have lived for all these years. We are out because we love our land, we love our country and we want to safeguard our Indian Constitution."

Strong bonds on the verge of being destroyed

In India, in the name of development, the government is simply "evicting" people who live in substandard housing, leaving them with no shelter. But those people are part of communities, and local women leaders are trying to assert their rights.