Julia Gerwe is in her second year of service with the Notre Dame Mission Volunteers AmeriCorps. She serves as ecological sustainability educational program manager with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth in Nazareth, Kentucky. Gerwe is passionate about nature-based solutions to climate change, conservation and issues of environmental justice.

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Seeds planted in rural living provide a roadmap to unity

Notes from the Field - What is the opportunity amid humankind's role as part of the problem? The reality that we can be part of the solution. When I drive through the country roads near my town, I see this in real time.

Wicked questions lead to reflection on mental health in service

Notes from the Field - My years of service have taught me the importance of asking wicked questions, questions often defined by their unpleasant, unpredictable or unreasonable nature. They're the questions most worth asking.

Investing in our planet can look like simplicity, connection and hope

Notes from the Field - Preparing for Earth Day and leaning into this year's theme, "Invest in Our Planet," I hear a call beckoning us, beckoning me, to live more sustainably.

After two years of service, I see a spiritual way forward

Notes from the Field: The Catholicism I grew up to know didn't give me the tools to ask the questions and seek answers that fed my spiritual knowing. But in this year of service, I was empowered to start asking questions again.