Daughter of St. Paul Sr. Kathryn James Hermes is the author of the best-selling book Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach as well as a number of other titles. Everything she does or writes has one focus: giving people the tools for joy by radically shifting their focus through Presence. She works with individuals online at pauline.org/heartwork, and her newsletter can be found at pauline.org/sisterkathryn.

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Spiritual transformations in the middling years

During these transitional "middle years," whenever and however they may occur, even though they seem to last a very long time and we feel unable to move forward, something beautiful is happening.

Find your heart space in turbulence

Amid the turbulence of our age, how do we attune our heart to the deepest place within us — where wisdom is born, where God makes himself visible through us?

Be transformed by 'seasons of life'

I felt marginalized after a recent meeting with a much younger sister. Fear crept into my thinking, suggesting that I no longer had anything valid to offer. Talking with Jesus about what had happened, I heard in my heart these words: "You need to get ready now."

Find the love you're looking for

I sometimes check an app where people are encouraged to leave their secrets, things they wouldn't tell others. After many months of listening to people's stories in this hidden way, I can say that the driving force that is at the root of all their stories and my own, is the longing to be loved, known, seen, heard, cared for.