Margaret Cessna is a member of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary. After teaching social studies and theology in high school for 27 years, she founded and for 10 years served as executive director of Heartbeats, a network of women who developed world and minority artists. For the past 12 years, she has been a family mentor for Catholic Charities' office of Migration and Refugee Services. As a freelance writer, she has published in journals, newspapers and magazine, and has written two books.

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Darkness may endure but grace gets us through

My grandma was almost full of grace. But somewhere inside of her was a pocket of sadness. I rarely saw it but it was always there. What I knew and loved was her grace. She never lost her sadness but grace prevailed.

Pay attention to blessings, moment by moment

It doesn't take a genius or a saint to change the world. It just takes a generous heart and a willingness to be open to the moment. That moment creates itself at unexpected times and in unexpected places.

Jesus' story is about common folk and the divine

Jesus issued the invitation: "Come follow me." His teachings, his invitation and his life are still with us today. Common as we may be, the rest is up to us. And how beautiful it is to be "common."

I'm proud to be an American sister, unafraid of coloring outside the lines

American sisters are women who turned on a dime after Vatican II and took on the world. They drew new lines. They changed the face of religious life. Not for being mean but for being smart, kind, generous, energetic, determined. Though we're aging and fewer in number, our work goes on with hope and vigor.