Mary Lou Nolan joined Global Sisters Report in January 2014 after a career as a reporter and editor at The Kansas City Star. She is a former president of the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors, now the Society for Features Journalism, and a founding member of the SFJ Foundation. She guided Global Sisters Report through its first two years before retiring in January 2016.

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Introducing The Life panel of sisters and a new GSR feature

GSR Today - We're launching a new monthly series called The Life. Sisters from our panel of 20 across the global north and south share a universal charism rooted in diverse ministries and distinct experiences; this month, we've asked about how their communities are carrying out Laudato Si'.

Blue sky overhead: What readers told us

GSR Today - We launched the online survey ahead of Global Sisters Report’s first anniversary in April, curious about what you liked and what you wanted us to do better or differently. Nearly 1,100 of you answered, representing 34 countries.

We are one

GSR Today - Anniversaries are about asking questions and taking stock. If it’s a relationship: Are we happy? Are we moving forward? Are there more good times than bad? If it’s an undertaking: Is it working? Is it sustainable? Is it worth the trouble? Pretty daunting, this taking stock, especially if it’s Global Sisters Report, which feels to me like an undertaking and a relationship. But today marks GSR’s one-year anniversary.

GSR celebrates six-month milestone

GSR Today - Global Sisters Report launched its website April 22, and today I’m celebrating the name, the staff, the Catholic sisters and the catholic values that drive our work. Here's a list of some favorite articles showing the scope of the stories we share.