Michele Morek is an Ursuline Sister of Mount Saint Joseph, Kentucky. She joined GSR in January 2017 as liaison to women religious and organizations in North America. She holds a doctorate in biology from the University of Notre Dame and worked for many years as a professor and administrator at the college/university level. She also served for 14 years in congregational leadership positions, including six years as community leader. Her most recent position was as coalition coordinator of UNANIMA International, a religious nongovernmental organization at the United Nations.

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From Troost to trust on Juneteenth

GSR Today - On Juneteenth, I had envisioned us standing with hands outspread and eyes closed, meditating and praying for peace and unity. But our prayer took a different form: the color of rejoicing. 

Sisters of Selma: beginning 55 years of civil rights action

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Birds speak on the Incarnation

The sermon I have remembered the longest — for about 50 years — was one I heard on Christmas Day. And there was no sermon, as such. Just a story about a flock of birds.