Nameeta Renu is a member of the Order of Consecrated Virgins in Bombay. She has studied the pastoral care of liminal migrants and refugees, and has a doctorate in theology on spiritual guidance and integral formation based on viriditas (greenness) in the spirituality of St. Hildegard of Bingen. She has published articles on consecrated life in various newsletters and theological journals. 

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Digital search for meaning links friends

Old Testament descriptions of the word "nephesh" as "wide jaws and open mouths" evokes the painful images of suffering COVID-19 patients.

Radical creativity could help renew consecrated life today

Perhaps a new paradigm of consecration that is radically creative and relevant could bring a springtime of vocations in every existing and new form of consecrated life.

Jesus is feminist

We draw our life-sap through the roots of our faith in Jesus Christ. Will the church realize its beginnings with greater understanding and become a protagonist and witness of women's liberation?

Scripture shows how the early church was a feminist movement

"Herstory" is mostly unwritten, distorted or erased by men from Scripture as well as tradition. But I firmly believe that the early church was a feminist movement, although its mission was not limited to feminism.