Saji Thomas is a freelance journalist based in Bhopal, a central Indian city. He has worked for several mainstream newspapers such as The Times of India.

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Mulakkal appears for trial in nun's rape, next hearing set for Jan. 6

Bishop Franco Mulakkal is accused of raping a nun multiple times. He appeared in court Nov. 30, when two guarantors for his bail extension submitted their documents. The judge extended the bail and set a new court date for early next year.

Indian court postpones trial of Bishop Mulakkal in nun's rape

Kottayam, India - The trial of Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal, accused of raping a Catholic nun multiple times, was to begin Nov. 11, but has been postponed to Nov. 30 due to the judge's absence.

Indian nuns' statement calls for women's 'due place' in church leadership

"We realize that the liberating vow of obedience to God has to be reclaimed. We need to challenge and resist stereotypes and binaries that keep women in positions of subservience and enslavement."

Q & A with Sr. Lissy Vadakkel: 'I want to live until I give my statement' in court

Sr. Lissy Vadakkel, member of the 130-year-old Franciscan Clarist Congregation in Kerala, is designated as witness No. 2 in India's nun rape case against Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar. She says, "Being a preacher, I am bound to pray for all those who persecute me and I am doing it."