Saji Thomas is a freelance journalist based in Bhopal, a central Indian city. He has worked for several mainstream newspapers such as The Times of India.

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On the phone from miles away, sister doctors in India counsel on COVID-19

There are 12 sisters in India who are doctors taking part in Corona Care, a global counseling network to support those worried about the coronavirus and those needing immediate medical guidance. They say it's a way to help heal human suffering.

Indian court rejects Bishop Mulakkal's plea to dismiss rape case

A district court in Kottayam has directed Bishop Franco Mulakkal to stand trial next week. The order has intensified the demand from some that the church should remove him as bishop of Jalandhar.

Second nun accuses India Bishop Franco Mulakkal

The rape case against Bishop Franco Mulakkal took a new turn over the weekend when a new allegation of sexual misconduct against the prelate emerged a day before he was to appear in court in Kerala, India.

Indian bishop's lawyer petitions court to dismiss rape charges

The lawyer for Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar, India, filed an application in district court here on Jan. 25 to dismiss all charges against the prelate in the alleged rapes of a Catholic sister.