After Samantha Wirth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in global studies from St. Mary's College in Indiana, the globetrotting sushi fanatic completed her first year of service at Collier High School in New Jersey with Good Shepherd Volunteers. After reaffirming her appreciation of intentional living and social justice, she knew she needed another year to learn, grow and play more board games, this time as the Public Policy Fellow for Good Shepherd Services in New York City. 

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Ten reasons to be a Good Shepherd Volunteer

When I first discovered Good Shepherd Volunteers, I spent a lot of time scouring the program website. Now, as I approach the end of my year, I've been thinking: If I could go through this process all over again, what would accurately explain why I fell in love with Good Shepherd Volunteers? 

I realize my indispensable gift: being multipurpose

Notes From the Field: As I circuited the Stations of the Cross at our retreat center, I was gifted with the most powerful vision. On the path between the fragrant purple and white lilac bushes, a multipurpose cleaner flashed before my eyes.

Let us encourage the light of our internal zeal candles

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of the essence of Good Shepherd spirituality, I am reminded that people around the world devote their entire lives to understanding the complexity of the Earth and our place within it. I forward the question: "How can we replicate this sort of deep belonging and acceptance for each other?"

At what point does 'self-care' turn into 'too much self-care'?

Notes from the Field - As full-time volunteers, we are going to struggle to define what we need, what success or failure looks like, to define when we are overindulging in self-care.