Sandra Wiafewa Agyeman (Ofia) is a Ghanaian member of the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit. She began her ministry in a school in Ghana as an account clerk, helping with registration and admission. Later ministries there included pastoral work with people living with HIV/AIDS; ensuring their children's education; and organizing prayer experiences and recollections. For the past year, she has been attending the Institute of Formation and Religious Studies in the Philippines.

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My dream: farewell to poverty and its causes

Who would dare think of the future when the present is marked with hunger, thirst, homelessness and a global pandemic? There seem to be more questions than answers, but we know that poverty lingers on.

Tragedy and the lonely place of selfishness

The pandemic has led to exploitation. I can't imagine why taking advantage of the misfortune of people comes so easily to others. How did a human person made in the image of a selfless God come to a lonely place of selfishness?

God knew I would be mad

My prayer was for health and life — the best for me and my friends and the woman we all called Mother. How was I to accept reality, when I presumed the all-loving God had let me down woefully?

The Word became human and lived nowhere but among us

So that we can identify and relate better with Jesus, the human nature he assumed must be apparent to our human hearts. His humanness should resonate in our humanness.