Sarabella Muise grew up in Northern California and finished her undergraduate degree at Santa Clara University, studying psychology and studio art. Upon graduation, she chose to complete a year of service with Good Shepherd Volunteers, where she is currently serving at a therapeutic residence for adolescent girls in New York City. Aside from using her creativity, she enjoys watching "Parks and Recreation," being outside and eating ice cream. 

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As the Good Shepherd Volunteer journey continues, the lessons so far

Notes from the Field - Without the experiences I have had so far in this year of service, I would not have this new breadth of knowledge about myself or the world around me.

'I got you': When we experience kindness, we experience God

Notes from the Field - Kindness in daily interactions has a ripple effect. If enough people walk around with a compassionate attitude, the collective presence of that compassion can be felt viscerally.

A halfway reflection: Feeling bruised and faltering — but not giving up

Notes from the Field - I ran into this experience as a Good Shepherd Volunteer in a zealous full sprint, but it did not take long to feel like I am struggling to crawl.

In the climb to adulthood, craving a spiritual relationship with God

My past spiritual experiences lacked an intentional connection with God. I was not ready for that relationship then. But now, as a Good Shepherd Volunteer, building a relationship with God feels more and more appealing.