Social Service Sr. Simone Campbell is the former executive director of NETWORK, a national Catholic social justice lobby, and author of A Nun on the Bus: How All of Us Can Create Hope, Change, and Community.

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The election is over. Now what?

From Social Service Sr. Simone Campbell: This past Election Day demonstrated that care for the common good is in the hearts of our people. Now we have to ask ourselves — what's next?

US presidential candidates must honor the dignity of work

Commentary - Supporting a living wage is one of the most effective ways people of faith can uphold the dignity of work. NETWORK and Catholic social justice teaching support an economy that puts people, not profit, at the center, where each person can find a job that provides for his or her family.

We need an integral ecology, not an economy of exclusion

Commentary - “On Care for Our Common Home” is the subtitle of Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’s new encyclical, and it underscores its central message – we share a small planet in many interconnected and not fully understood ways. Our common home requires our striving for the common good. This care can only become a reality in relationship: in relationship with God, with other people and with all creation.

What our nation needs: A faithful budget rooted in economic justice

Congress has a responsibility to create federal budgets that are both morally and economically responsible – budgets that address the needs of all, not just the moneyed few. A group of interfaith leaders are briefing congressional staff this week, speaking about how our government should function – decision-making based on respect, engagement in respectful dialogue, and creatively working toward mutually beneficial solutions.