Soli Salgado

Staff writer

Soli Salgado is a staff writer for Global Sisters Report, first joining the team as an editorial intern for NCR in January 2015. Born in Buenos Aires and raised in Wichita, Kansas, she graduated from the University of Kansas in 2013 with degrees in journalism, English literature, and Spanish. Her reporting has received several Catholic Press Association awards. Follow her on Twitter @soli_salgado.

Articles by Soli Salgado

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Benedictine Sisters urge women in Senate to vote no on Kavanaugh Oct 5, 2018 Story : News
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CARA study: Entrants to religious life are young and find vocational inspiration online Feb 10, 2016 Story : News
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Children grow stronger at Panama City orphanage, realize their right to be 'just kids' May 29, 2017 Story : News
Christopher Pramuk strikes a chord of Resurrection faith for LCWR Aug 10, 2017 Story : News
Clinic offers affordable medical care, programs that assist women, families Sep 13, 2018 Story : News
Communities on the U.S. border 'grow from within' Jun 6, 2016 Story : News
Detention centers' applications for child care licenses worry immigrant advocates Mar 31, 2016 Story : News
Development, human rights, environment -- 'water is at the heart of all of it' Oct 12, 2017 Story : News
For Nuns and Nones' six-month pilot program, millennials move in Jun 10, 2019 Story : News
Francis' visit to Chilean prison shines light on Sr. Nelly Leon Feb 8, 2018 Story : News
Grief is a gateway to grace, which can remake the world, LCWR president tells 2017 assembly Aug 11, 2017 Story : News
Guadalupan Missionary Sisters of the Holy Spirit help people in central Alabama accept their realities, feel their strength Dec 14, 2015 Story : News
Guardian Angel sisters in Mexico risk safety to aid often-traumatized migrants Aug 5, 2019 Story : News