The danger of growing accustomed

Horizons - For people who live within 100 miles of the U.S./Mexico border, the surveillance, having your photo taken every time you cross, seeing Border Patrol vehicles everywhere, passing through checkpoints and having to announce your citizenship — this is part of daily life.

Living the vow of openhandedness

As I get settled in a new ministry in a new town with a new set of people, there is a whole new set of opportunities to practice taking my hand off the plow — letting go of what isn't mine.

Jesus the 'Great Questioner'

Horizons - Since I was young, I've been a person who asks questions like it's my job. My parents still lament that I would debate with them about curfews and chores, that I always wanted to know why they made the rules they did and always had good follow-up questions and rebuttals.

Humor, the Holy Spirit made me do it

Horizons - In reading about our community's founder, Mother Theodore, what I observe in her interplay of real risk and humor is a lightness and freedom of heart that only comes from deep faith. I've come to the conclusion that we may need humor in these times more than ever.