The pathways and destinations of Syrian refugees

(Screenshot of Doctors of the World interactive map on

The conflict in Syria has resulted in millions of Syrians fleeing the country, seeking refuge elsewhere, while millions more are internally displaced. While countries such as Turkey and Lebanon are experiencing the majority of those seeking asylum, Europe is also seeing a huge influx. Some countries are more hospitable than others (see our story about European women religious answering the call to help refugees), but overall, with increasing attention on the refugee crisis, many refugees are finding homes.

To support the migration efforts, Doctors of the World created an interactive map that documents places in Europe where people are tweeting their support for incoming refugees with the hashtag #RefugeesWelcome, along common migration pathways. Click over to the map to see it erupt in lovely little hearts as the tweets come in, and check out our three stats below to learn more about how the refugee crisis is playing out in Europe.

Infographic created by Georgia Perry using Canva with data from Wired.Co.UK and the United Nations Refugee Agency.

[Georgia Perry is a freelance writer based in Oakland, California. She's contributed to several print and online magazines including, The Atlantic, CityLab, Portland Monthly Magazine and the Portland Mercury. She was formerly a staff writer at the Santa Cruz Weekly in California. Follow her on Twitter @georguhperry.]