Tell us: What are the biggest changes your community faces because of COVID-19?

A man in the Queens borough of New York City arrives to receive the COVID-19 vaccine outside Citi Field Feb. 10, 2021, home of the New York Mets. (CNS/Reuters/Brendan McDermid)

The COVID-19 pandemic upended sisters' ministries, requiring strict policies to protect the most vulnerable, forcing cancellations of congregational and regional gatherings, and changing prayer practices, fellowship, dining and funeral services. One year later, Global Sisters Report is looking at the impact of the pandemic on religious life with a special series, Coronavirus: One Year Later.

GSR would like to hear from you about what you see as the biggest change your community faces because of the pandemic as well as how you and/or your community are coping with the grief and loss the last year has brought. If you have an experience to share, please use the confidential form below by March 23. We may use your response in an upcoming piece on GSR. Thank you.



This story appears in the Coronavirus: One Year Later feature series. View the full series.

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