Sisters accompany each other on journeys through religious life

A group of people with backpacks walking on a path amid grass and trees ahead.

(Unsplash/Austin Ban)

Dominican Sister of Peace Ana Gonzalez discusses with Charity Sr. Rejane Cytacki* how each sister's vocation — past, present and future — celebrates and vindicates every other sister's commitment to religious life.   

Gonzalez, who works in the admissions office at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, Connecticut, recalls the day she made her final vows. "I couldn't contain in my chest my beating heart," she said. "I was filled with abundant gratitude and joy."

The vocation journey and religious life are not solitary endeavors, she said. "We have amazing companions on the journey," she said. "Through our commitment to religious life we have companions on the journey." 

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*This article has been edited to correct Cytacki's name.

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