'Visitation is about life'

Detail from "La Visitation" (1875) by Jules-Louis Machard (Artvee)

Detail from "La Visitation" (1875) by Jules-Louis Machard (Artvee) 

Visitation is at the heart of the spirituality of the Congregation de Notre Dame, Sr. Violaine Paradis tells Charity Sr. Rejane Cytacki. 

"The visitation is to be with, go forward, and be with," Paradis said. "It's mutuality, it's learning from different generations, it's being visited by God, but being visitation ourselves for others, of his visitation for our world. And it's about life. Visitation is about life, because it's the life in Mary, the life of Jesus in Mary, the life of John the Baptist in Elizabeth." 

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