Italian priests, religious women are among victims of COVID-19

A number of priests and religious women have been among the nearly 2,000 people who have died in Italy because of illness connected with COVID-19.

Churches, chaplains, nuns have unexpected role in COVID-19 crisis

In a nation where the faithful are not allowed to assemble for Mass, one church in northern Italy is full. The Church of All Saints in Bergamo — located in a cemetery in Italy's hardest-hit Lombardy region — has had to open its doors to dozens of coffins containing the remains of people who died of COVID-19.

Pope's Way of Cross will shine light on women 'crucified' by traffickers

Countless women and girls are being "crucified" by human traffickers, who trick them into slave labor or prostitution, and by those who seek out their services and exploit them, said the missionary nun who wrote the meditations for Pope Francis' Way of the Cross service.

Pope asks anti-trafficking nun to write Way of Cross meditations

Pope Francis has asked an Italian nun, who has been on the frontlines in the fight against human trafficking, to write this year's Way of the Cross meditations.