Celine Paramundayil is a Medical Mission Sister from Kerala, India, who represented the global Medical Mission Sisters at the United Nations for 10 years. She has been a trained Laudato Si' animator since 2017 and organized programs both in the United States and India. She currently lives in Madhya Pradesh and enjoys writing for various journals, including GSR.

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Medical Mission Sisters' Deepalaya farm is an oasis in Madhya Pradesh

At the community Deepalaya ("house of light"), founded in 2006 in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, India, the Medical Mission Sisters cultivate food, welcome all creatures (except mosquitos) and care for Mother Earth.

Sister Caridad, my elder sister, was a blessing from God

Elsykutty and I lived very few years together at home, but eventually she became my mentor, guide and best friend. Her strong faith and love influenced not only me but all who came to her life.

COVID-19 reveals humanity's worst — and its best

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed deep economic inequality, systemic racism and the destruction of greed. Yet the pandemic also showcased humanity's ability to love and help one another.

Medical Mission Sisters: our response to human trafficking

Throughout the world, an evil persists: human beings enslaving and abusing other human beings. Among anti-trafficking activists are our Medical Mission Sisters, working for a time when everyone experiences safety and well-being.