Dan Stockman

National correspondent

Dan Stockman is national correspondent for Global Sisters Report. He was a reporter at daily newspapers in Michigan, Illinois and Indiana for nearly two decades before joining GSR in 2014. Follow him on Twitter @DanStockman or on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/dan.stockman2.

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Articles by Dan Stockman

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Younger sisters renew relationships to prepare for future leadership, collaboration May 23, 2017 Story : News
Q & A with Sr. Cathleen Timberlake, making premium handmade soap Jun 1, 2017 Story : Blog
Project fights for asylum seekers' access to legal counsel in Texas Jun 12, 2017 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Donna Ciangio, helping parishes discern what it means to be disciples Jun 22, 2017 Story : Blog
We're all in this together Jun 26, 2017 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Mary Dorothea Sondgeroth, award-winner for decades of health care work Jul 11, 2017 Story : Blog
Sister finds that faith sustains when institutions fail Jul 17, 2017 Story : News
Trump administration, Senate Republicans continue fighting Obamacare Jul 24, 2017 Story : Blog
Don't repeal, don't reduce the ACA, say US sisters Jul 24, 2017 Story : News
Congregations receive $25 million to cover retirement shortfalls Jul 31, 2017 Story : News
Q & A with Sr. Jomary Trstensky, award-winner for decades of health care work Aug 3, 2017 Story : Blog
Sisters let go of corporate ministries, refocus Aug 4, 2017 Story : News
Chicago sisters work to bring peace to streets torn by violence Aug 14, 2017 Story : News
Sisters respond to Charlottesville violence, racism Aug 21, 2017 Story : Blog
Survivors of sisters killed in Mississippi continue duo's 'ministry of presence' Aug 24, 2017 Story : News
Of wartime and cholera in Yemen Aug 28, 2017 Story : Blog
Harvey's wake: Religious mobilize to assist storm victims Aug 29, 2017 Story : News
Q & A with Sr. Gerardine Mueller, blessed to be an artist at 96 Aug 31, 2017 Story : Blog
As Trump mulls end to DACA, advocates prepare to fight for immigrants Sep 1, 2017 Story : News
DACA decision meets swift Catholic condemnation Sep 5, 2017 Story : News
Racism is personal, for us all Sep 11, 2017 Story : Blog
Waiting, sheltering, fleeing: Sisters in Florida report Hurricane Irma experience Sep 14, 2017 Story : News
In Myanmar, slaughter, displacement and '21st-century apartheid' Sep 18, 2017 Story : Blog
National Catholic Sisters Week expands to year-round outreach project Sep 20, 2017 Story : News
Pressure causes Madonna University center to cancel talk by theologian M. Shawn Copeland Sep 25, 2017 Story : News