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National correspondent

Dan Stockman is national correspondent for Global Sisters Report. He was a reporter at daily newspapers in Michigan, Illinois and Indiana for nearly two decades before joining GSR in 2014. Follow him on Twitter @DanStockman or on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/dan.stockman2.

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Articles by Dan Stockman

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Q & A with Sr. Monique Tarabeh, praying for family in Syria Apr 7, 2016 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Nancy Murray, writing and performing one-woman plays Apr 20, 2017 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Nancyann Turner, bringing Christmas joy to all regardless of income Dec 22, 2016 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Patricia Coughlin, of dreaming and spirituality Feb 18, 2016 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Patricia Daly, helping corporations be socially and environmentally responsible Jul 12, 2016 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Phyllis Hughes, celebrating five decades in the health care industry Jul 24, 2018 Story : Blog
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Q & A with Sr. Sue Gardner Jul 23, 2015 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Susan K. Wood, exploring the Catholic-Lutheran relationship Oct 25, 2016 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Thelma Marie Mitchell, Tubman Award recipient Feb 5, 2019 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, who keeps a skull on her desk as a reminder of death Mar 13, 2018 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Verónica Fajardo Dec 11, 2014 Story : Blog
Q & A with Sr. Vivian Ivantic, witness to changes in the church in her 83 years as a sister Mar 23, 2017 Story : Blog
Racism is personal, for us all Sep 11, 2017 Story : Blog
Radioactive dumping grounds are a concern for US sisters Sep 29, 2016 Story : News
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Records and remembrances Oct 26, 2015 Story : Blog
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Religious communities face changes, plan to retain missions and preserve history Jun 2, 2016 Story : News
Religious gather to discuss dealing with declining numbers and an aging population Oct 13, 2016 Story : News
Religious institutes keep themselves professionally staffed Oct 18, 2016 Story : Blog
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