Elisabeth Auvillain is a French freelance writer who lives in Paris, where she was born and raised. She started her career in London then lived in Austria, Switzerland, Pakistan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Germany before coming back to France. She worked mainly as a correspondent for the French Catholic daily La Croix and for Radio France Internationale. She is married to American journalist and NCR contributor Tom Heneghan. 

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French Catholics raise voices, demand measures to prevent further clergy sex abuse

The outrage sparked by the program "Abused Sisters: The Other Scandal of the Church" on the Franco-German public television channel ARTE, which aired in early March, has led many French Catholics to raise their voices to call for new measures to make sure these crimes do not happen again.

Q & A with Sr. Ruth Schönenberger: 'It is time to act' for women's equality in the church

Sr. Ruth Schönenberger spoke with GSR about gender equality in the Catholic Church. Regarding women's ordination, Schönenberger said, "I do not understand the reasons against it. I am surprised that the presence of Christ is reduced to being a man."

Q & A with Sr. Véronique Margron, leader of religious addressing abuse in church

As president of CORREF, the French conference of men and women religious, Dominican Sr. Véronique Margron is drawing attention to sexual abuse in the church and its causes, and urging congregations to listen to victims and take action.

Q & A with Sr. Véronique Rouquet, sharing God's presence on the internet

Sr. Véronique Rouquet is one of the four people who run Notre Dame du Web (Our Lady of the Web), a portal created by the Ignatian family in France in 2000 to faciliate retreats and share ways to pray — to provide a link between daily life and spiritual life