Geri Lanham hails from Charleston, Illinois, and is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. She currently lives in community with the Religious of Jesus and Mary in Gros Morne, Haiti, where she serves with a local primary school, nursing home, agronomy center and hospital.

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Flag Day celebrates Haiti's rich history of independence

Notes from the Field - This date is ingrained in the fabric of Haitian culture. May 18 is a national holiday, and those who feel they belong to the nation of Haiti, whether or not they live within the borders of the country, will celebrate their national roots in the world's first black republic.

Mobile goat clinics in Haiti help families raise healthy, profitable animals

Notes from the Field: Veterinary technician Songé Sengela gives interactive formation sessions for families who receive goats as part of the Caritas goat program in Haiti's Gros Morne parish. Participants who follow her advice raise healthier animals that will sell for a better price at the Friday animal market in Gros Morne.

Time, distance get warped in the free fall of Haiti's mountain roads

Notes from the Field - The communal section of Pendus is rural and reaching it can mean multiple modes of transportation and an entire day of travel. But when I talk to people there, I find they are amazingly mobile, connected to the larger cities in Haiti and to countries across the ocean.

Health care in Haiti is about filling in many gaps, walking many miles

Notes from the Field - Some of my most memorable journeys in Haiti have been accompanying visiting medical mission teams as a translator into the rural countryside of Gros Morne county.