Madonna Tividad Virola is a freelance journalist based in the Philippines. She contributed to Union of Catholic Asian News (2008 to 2012) and reported for Catholic Media Network-Radyo Veritas (June 2006 to 2008), among others. She hosts the radio program Media Care on DZSB 1014.1 Spirit FM and teaches ecology at St. Augustine Minor Seminary in the city of Calapan, Mindoro Island.

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Q & A with Sr. Teresa Dagdag, caring for one Earth community

Maryknoll Sr. Teresa Dagdag has gained "insights into the life's struggles of working women who have to work long hours to make ends meet. Often, they are not able to continue with their schooling. These instances are too many all over the world. They demonstrate the systemic injustice of our socioeconomic experiences and developed in me a passion to work for justice, peace and integrity of creation, for well-being and wholeness of members of the one Earth community."

Q & A with Sr. Venus Marie Pegar on her 'painting for the mission'

"The reason behind my painting is really my passion since childhood," says Sr. Venus Pegar, a Filipina sister of St. Francis of Xavier. Now, with permission from her mother superior, she paints regularly to raise funds for her order's ministries.

Q & A with Sr. Lilian Curaming on interfaith dialogue in predominantly Catholic Philippines

Sr. Lilian Curaming has been engaged in interfaith dialogue for nearly four decades. She spoke with GSR about her work, which includes starting an interfaith dialogue program to improve relations among Muslims, Christians and indigenous peoples in Mindanao, Philippines.

Q & A with Sr. Doyet Luarca, the Philippines' first Mangyan missionary nun

Sr. Doyet Luarca never thought she would be among the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit who were doing mission for almost four decades in her Mangyan tribal community. But in a historic event in 2005, she professed her first vows in a ceremony mixed with Mangyan rituals. Since that time, she has worked extensively with indigenous people in the Philippines.