Margaret Galiardi, is a Dominican Sister from Amityville, New York, whose passion is the contemplative integration of justice and peace for people and planet. She is a “lover of the wild,” a spiritual director and workshop and retreat leader who has lectured nationally on the New Cosmology and the Christian Story. She spent a year living with the Trappistine monks in their monastery on the Lost Coast of Northern California in the Redwood Forest.

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Allow hatred to be enfolded by love

How are we to be in the face of such intolerable and un-American hatred? What if we were to look right into the face of the hatred that is eating so many of us alive?

On the road to truth, find a two-way sign

Get out your old state driver's manual, the one that helped you to prepare for the written driving test before you ever got behind the wheel. Turn to the section on road signs and find the sign for two-way traffic. It may just be what's needed to help you negotiate what's being called our "post-truth" era.

Be a real patriot this Fourth of July

My Dad, a World War II veteran, passed along to me by way of example the spirit of the virtue of patriotism. Though in many ways our nation has not lived up to its full potential as "an agent of peace with justice for all people," there are some patriotic ways to celebrate July Fourth.

Time to become a doula for our democracy

If I have heard it said once, I have heard it said a million times: "I just do not know how to think about this presidential election cycle." If the truth be told, I have said this to myself. Yesterday an answer came to me, but it came in the form of another question: "Is this our Arab Spring?"