Ruth Droege is a member of the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, California. She holds doctorates in both theology and clinical psychology. She taught theology and religious studies at Dominican University of California (Dominican College) for 24 years and ministered as a clinical psychologist for 30 years. Now retired, she co-leads the Teilhard Learning Circle at the Santa Sabina Center in San Rafael.

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Aging gracefully in Christ

Each of the world religions tells us something about the meaning of life and death. What does the Catholic Church tell us about death and dying and aging gracefully?

'The Road' leads us to Easter

My book club's pick to read this winter was Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Road. The book made me recall how Pierre Tielhard de Chardin also described the "road" on which we make life's journey.

A grownup's dream of Christmas

The Incarnation solidified Christ's cosmic connection with all of creation, a cosmic reality through the flesh of Christ: a cosmogenesis. It is the reality of God's love for the world.

Memory keepers of Christ

After watching the film "Coco," I reflected on what it means to remember a loved one. Is it only the past that is recalled, colored by the perspective of the specific time in which the event took place? Or can memories be worked through and integrated into present life with broader understanding?