Susan Rose Francois is a member of the Congregation Leadership Team for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. She was a Bernardin scholar at Catholic Theological Union and has ministered as a justice educator and advocate. Read more of her work on her blog, At the Corner of Susan and St. Joseph.

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Digging into the roots of my racialized childhood

Horizons - I honor my parents' work to confront structural racism. I also must acknowledge that I grew up in an all-white neighborhood because of structural racism that directly benefitted my family.

Inaugurating beloved-ness

Horizons - Because of the proximity of Dad's birthday to the quadrennial event of U.S. presidental elections, I have watched many inaugurations in the company of my father. Because of the pandemic, we couldn't do that together this year.

Election night, before and after, we must build common ground

Horizons - I wrote these words on Tuesday evening, before the polls closed, a love letter to our democracy, our imperfect collective experiment in government for, by and of the people.

Lessons in quicksand

Horizons - Don't panic. Sounds an awful lot like some other sage advice — Be not afraid. Not only did Dora teach me the steps to survive literal quicksand, she models peace in anxious and chaotic times.