Susan Rose Francois is a member of the Congregation Leadership Team for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. She was a Bernardin scholar at Catholic Theological Union and has ministered as a justice educator and advocate. Read more of her work on her blog, At the Corner of Susan and St. Joseph.

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Embrace chaos and choose joy

Horizons - Years ago, I read The Other Side of Chaos: Breaking Through When Life is Breaking Down; I focused on the other side aspect — getting to the other side where all would be better. Rereading it now, I understood the other side more as the possibility inherent in the chaotic mess.

Freedom for the emerging future

Horizons – Can I make space for uncertainty? For imagination? For uncomfortable moments? Mistakes? Hope? Joy? I pray for the freedom to be hospitable to the emerging future already present among us.

Creating a generational remix for mission

Horizons - While religious life has always been intergenerational to some extent, this unique generational mix has never happened before. We have a sacred window of opportunity to mix and mingle in community for mission.

Inhale, exhale, transform

Horizons: When the jury's verdict was announced, finding Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts, you could almost feel the collective exhale. Yes. We should all exhale, and breathe. But we can't stop there.