Susan Rose Francois is the assistant congregation leader for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. She is the author of My Friend Joe: Reflections on St. Joseph. Read more of her work on her blog, At the Corner of Susan and St. Joseph.

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On turning 50: Milestones and diagnostics

Horizons: After turning 50 recently, St. Joseph of Peace Sr. Susan Rose Francois ends her role as a Horizons writer, saying, "It is important to hold this specific column for the voices of younger religious."

We all need a 'reset' button

Horizons - I am convinced that we need a collective reset in God's love. We need to know, believe and rest in God's love and then act accordingly. This is our spiritual crisis point, and the reset is the antidote.

Standing with today's Josephs, who seek asylum to protect their families

Horizons – On the first Friday of Advent, I thought of St. Joseph as I listened to a father tell the story of his holy family’s perilous journey from Honduras to Mexico and eventually, for part of his family at least, to the U.S.

Embrace chaos and choose joy

Horizons - Years ago, I read The Other Side of Chaos: Breaking Through When Life is Breaking Down; I focused on the other side aspect — getting to the other side where all would be better. Rereading it now, I understood the other side more as the possibility inherent in the chaotic mess.