US churchwomen killed in El Salvador are 'martyrs,' cardinal says

Repeatedly referring to the four U.S. churchwomen murdered in El Salvador in 1980 as "martyrs," Cardinal Michael Czerny insisted that in the end they triumphed because "brutal crimes failed and fail to stop the evangelizing."

Catholic social teaching has values the world needs, Dominican says

Individual rights and freedom obviously are essential for human flourishing, but human happiness depends a lot on relationships — kinship and friendship, but also the broader common good, said Dominican Sr. Helen Alford.

Women religious honored for work on pandemic's front lines

Women religious working "on the front lines," exposed to the coronavirus yet continuing to care for abandoned children, working to alleviate poverty, providing health care and helping victims of human trafficking are not "super women," said Comboni Sister Alicia Vacas.

Pope pays tribute to women religious caring for the sick

Early in the morning, in the chapel of his residence, Pope Francis celebrated Mass for the feast of the Annunciation and paid tribute to women religious, especially those caring for the sick during the COVID-19 pandemic.