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Dan Stockman is national correspondent for Global Sisters Report. He was a reporter at daily newspapers in Michigan, Illinois and Indiana for nearly two decades before joining GSR in 2014. Follow him on Twitter @DanStockman or on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/dan.stockman2.

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Nebraska move to deny sisters Medicaid could imperil retirement funds May 10, 2018 Story : News
Network collects nearly 1,000 letters urging Paul Ryan for 'moral' budget Dec 6, 2017 Story : News
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O'Malley calls Vatican investigation of LCWR 'a disaster' Nov 16, 2014 Story : Blog
Of wartime and cholera in Yemen Aug 28, 2017 Story : Blog
One body in Christ Mar 2, 2015 Story : Blog
One county in southern Indiana sends more people to prison than San Francisco does Sep 12, 2016 Story : Blog
One million more Syrians expected to abandon their homes by Christmas Oct 12, 2015 Story : Blog
Opposite sides Oct 31, 2014 Story : Blog
Out of the land of persecution Jan 19, 2015 Story : News
Parts of Brazil crawl out of the mud Feb 15, 2016 Story : Blog
Pauline Sisters celebrate centenary amid turmoil in South Sudan Jul 6, 2015 Story : Blog
Pauline sisters in Nairobi were near al-Shabab's latest attack Jan 21, 2019 Story : Blog
Petitioners ask Francis to drop call for U.S. sisters’ reform Sep 18, 2014 Story : News
Pope Francis picks three sisters to audit family synod Sep 16, 2015 Story : News
Pope Francis' lunch with refugees is a message to the world Aug 15, 2016 Story : Blog
Postville faith leaders, immigrants look back on 10 years since raid May 11, 2018 Story : News