Loretto Sr. Jeannine Gramick is the co-founder, with Fr. Robert Nugent, of New Ways Ministry, a social justice center that educates and advocates for justice and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) Catholics, and reconciliation within the larger church and civil communities. You can visit New Ways Ministry at https://www.newwaysministry.org.

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Holy innocents and holy friendships

Friendship is like a stunning landscape where one enjoys every tree and pebble and bush and flower. Walking the roads of life in this kind of landscape is delightful, even enchanting. With loving friends, the human need for belonging is satisfied. Friends steady us, helping us to be ready and secure in decision-making, and calm and adept in follow-through.

Stories we may not want to hear

I feel weary of seeing article after article about sexual abuse by priests. I want to scream, "Enough already!" But maybe not enough yet, because such abuse has also been perpetrated on women and nuns.

A call to love and to speak

Religious life in the 21st century calls us to help our church listen to the voices of women and respect their full and equal participation in all aspects of ecclesial affairs, including governance.

Robert F. Kennedy's Gospel example

Robert F. Kennedy's words and my religious formation experience coincided again June 6, 2018, at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C., when his family and friends hosted a remembrance and celebration of his life. That day, 50 years earlier, RFK entered into eternal life, felled by an assassin's bullet.