With wall on three sides, Comboni Sisters in West Bank build bridges

The wall and military towers loom above the convent on all three sides, including over the kindergarten playground, which has been covered by a fireproof roof because of the Molotov cocktails thrown over the wall by Palestinian demonstrators during clashes with Israeli soldiers. 

Comboni nun says Bedouin, faced with village demolition, feel hopeless

European Union leaders and religious and academic leaders from around the world have criticized the Israeli government's decision to demolish a Jahalin Bedouin village of about 190 people and relocate its residents close to the al-Azaria Palestinian village, on the edge of a garbage dump.

Christian leaders hope Palestinian saints can be intercessors for peace

Christian leaders in the Holy Land hope two new Palestinian saints will become intercessors for peace and a bridge among faiths: Blessed Marie-Alphonsine, born Soultaneh Maria Ghattas was born in Jerusalem in 1843 and is the founder of the Dominican Sisters of the Holy Rosary of Jerusalem, the first and still the only Palestinian women's religious congregation; Mariam Baouardy, a Melkite Catholic, was born in 1846 in the Galilee village of Ibillin and founded a Carmelite convent in India and one in Nazareth.

Court blocks Israeli plan to extend separation wall through convent

Israel's Supreme Court blocked a plan to build a separation barrier through the Cremisan Valley in the West Bank that would have divided a Catholic monastery, a convent and adjacent olive vineyards. Church officials celebrated the April 2 court order, saying it was an early Easter gift as Christians prepared to celebrate the Passion and resurrection of Jesus. The decision ends a nine-year legal battle over a defense ministry plan for a wall that would have cut through Palestinian-owned land, separating families from their agricultural land as well as separating Salesian Sisters from the community they serve in their school.