Karan Varker is a Sister of Charity of Australia. She has been a teacher in in Papua New Guinea, America Samoa and Australia, served as a principal in Australia and Samoa, and trained Catholic teachers in Samoa and the Solomon Islands. She has degrees in theology and education and a Ph.D. in spiritual companioning of Catholic school staff members, from the School of Philosophy, History and Religion at the University of Queensland, Australia. Varker's present ministry is concerned with the spirituality of teachers. She is also a contributor to the first round of the GSR series "The Life."

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I am Rachel: a midwife meditation

Though he is soaked in blood, carrying a cross, being jeered at, falling and beaten till he stands again, instinctively I know who he is — the lovely child I delivered.  

Mystery and majesty of the Incarnation

We live in an amazing cosmos with its countless numbers of galaxies, stars and planets. Try as we might, how could we ever understand why God would choose this place to become flesh and live among us?

The Pacific Ocean, suffering servant

I believe that a oneness exists between the sufferings of creation and the sufferings of Christ.

A woman of vision in Australia's bush

Downs & West Community Support is a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Community Care Australia. It began through the vision and initiative of Charity Sr. Christine Henry. As a woman from the countryside of Queensland, she recognized the need to support farmers struggling to survive the extremes of climate change, which were taking a toll on their livelihoods and families.