As young Kenyans leave villages, sisters care for neglected elderly left behind

Younger generations are leaving villages for city work or professional development abroad. Their elderly relatives are increasingly being left behind in their rural homes. St. Mary's Village, a home for abandoned elderly and incapacitated women, takes on the most vulnerable of these cases.

Parents sell children as Kenya's sex tourism normalizes exploitation

Despite sisters' efforts, social acceptance of sex tourism on Kenya's coast means victims are unlikely to seek help. Sex work, including for children, is seen as an acceptable means of earning a living in coastal Kenya. What is seen as a quick way out of poverty makes it hard for women and men religious to rescue young girls from sexual exploitation.


Sisters on front lines as Kenya prepares for historic repeat election

As Kenyans were poised for a repeat presidential election Oct. 26 after a nullified vote last August, nuns in the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya played a significant role as poll observers and voter educators. 

Q & A with Sr. Redempta Kabahweza, giving psychosocial support to abused children

Global Sisters Report spoke with Sr. Redempta Kabahweza. As a counselor to children who have survived sexual violence, she hears the children's tales of suffering. She shared how she deals with these traumatic experiences, and how she finds the inner strength to continue fighting for justice.